The hermes 12 week toning & conditioning Training Programme for Beginners

Training Videos

The program spans over 12 weeks and is split into three phases: Weeks 1 to 3, Weeks 4 to 6, and Weeks 7 to 12. The plan gradually builds from very simple low-intensity movements and then, as the body tones over time, to higher intensity workouts, with more work exerted upon each muscle. Not only does this ensure safe and injury free training, it also ensures that the body receives enough calibrated stimulation to establish muscle adaption.

1 | Overview
  • Introduction16:58
2| Demonstration Videos
  • Quads/Glutes | Leg Press01:03
  • Hamstrings | Lying Leg Curl01:13
  • Upper Back | Seated Cable Row01:11
  • Chest | Flat Bench Press01:06
  • Shoulders | Dumbbell Press01:15
  • Traps | Dumbbell Shrug01:06
  • Triceps | Pushdown01:04
  • Biceps | Seated Dumbbell Curl00:55
  • Lower Back | Back Extension01:17
  • Calves | Standing Calf Raise01:06
  • Abdominals | Crunches01:14
  • Quads/Glutes | Smith Machine Squats01:16
  • Chest | Pec Dec Fly01:25
  • Upper Back | 1 Arm Dumbbell Row01:17
  • Quads | Leg Extension01:17
  • Abdominals | Reverse Crunch01:01
  • Shoulders | Dumbbell Lateral Raise01:11
3 | Credits
  • Credits01:45

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