About the residence

The Odissean Residence shall be a “Private Members Only” venue. It will seek to attract the trend setting new, and emerging, elite class of professionals and leaders (desired target audience: sports men and women, film and music personalities, politicians and business persons from both the professional and creative industries).

The site size is estimated to be 10,000 to 15,000 square metres of beautifully landscaped environment with the core components captured in a luxuriously styled venue. Key research is currently underway to determine the most appropriate location with the ambition to launch in South England and within easy access of a key city and surrounding commuter belt. The intention would be to then expand the business across multiple sites domestically and internationally using the same geographical selection criteria.

The venue space will offer: discretion; privacy; a blend of high quality entertainment areas (bars, restaurants, theatre/cinema etc.); relaxation spaces (private dining rooms, libraries and lounge areas); and boutique accommodation, all of which shall be influenced by an underlying theme of wellness and excellence. As its signature piece, the venue will have an outstanding gymnasium and spa component to it. The target demographic will want to spend a good deal of their time at the venue, using the spaces to hold business meetings, to host private parties, entertain guests, and relax with family and loved ones.