Our Future Vision

The Private Members club has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance in recent years and these venues, their constituent parts and the exclusive nature of their offerings, are now very much back in vogue.

These new style Private Members clubs have moved away from the rigid, antiquated style, “Gentlemens Only Club” image, to a more homely, relaxed and inclusive commercial offering. The successful clubs offer a range of components, all underpinned with a single and attractive lifestyle/cultural brand message that proves extremely attractive to the younger, ambitious and upwardly mobile professionals of today.

The leading clubs are now multi-component offerings, with each separate component capable of being compared with their open standalone counterparts. As a result, these multi-component venues now offer a complete lifestyle (one-stop shop) choice to their members, and as a result, they represent an excellent investment opportunity.

Membership to these clubs is restricted, and selective, making successful members feel duly privileged, which in turn further drives demand. It is common for these clubs to be kept over-subscribed, and have a pipeline of applications for many years in advance.