The importance of hydration

We must never underestimate the importance of hydration. Water is the most fundamental element to sustaining life on earth, and indeed, in sustaining human life. It is a critical part of what makes up the planet we live on yet also our bodies. Both are made up of over two-thirds of water and this balance must be kept so in order to continue a healthy lifestyle.

Maintaining hydration is crucial to all elements of life, from achieving incredible feats of sports performance and endurance to the simplest act of allowing a flower to bloom. As I have said in my blog post Leading a Healthy Lifestyle, “water feeds life, and I encourage everyone to strive to improve their water intake".

I hope you will enjoy this infographic that I have created, and that you will take to heart my advice on the importance of hydration.

The Importance of Hydration - infographic

The Importance of Hydration - infographic

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