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Our best self already resides within us. Striving to improve oneself does not (and should not) suggest an unease with either who we are or where we are on our unique life journey.  However, whilst practising a life of self-acceptance, we also owe it to ourselves to utilise the undeniable potential that resides in each and every one of us.

A Shared Ambition

Our ambition at The Odissean Experience is a simple yet bold one - to help you become the very best version of yourself possible.  Naturally, achieving this goal quite rightly means different things to each of us as unique individuals – not all are called to be either professional athletes; academic scholars; captains of industry or master artist.  However, through rational enrichment (for the mind), physical enrichment (for the senses) and experiential enrichment (for the soul) we are committed to helping you identify, realise and (ultimately) utilise the very real (and life-changing) potential that resides within you.  Better still, it is our sincere desire that through our shared collaboration, we journey alongside you as you develop the capacity to harness this potential for the purpose of effecting positive change in your everyday life.

“It is always the quality of what you do, and not the quantity of what you do, that matters”

A naturalised British citizen, Michael Ose was born and raised in Nigeria before moving (at the age of 12) to the UK to pursue his secondary and tertiary education. Following successful completion of his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering, Michael was appointed to the role of ‘Executive Director Corporate Strategy’ on the Board of Arik Air Ltd, West Africa’s largest commercial airline. From 2009 (following his appointment as CEO of Arik Air Ltd) through to 2017 he combined running the airline with his long-standing love for health and fitness.  In 2017, he successfully incorporated The Odissean Residence (UK) Ltd.’


“Put your heart, body and soul into everything you do, and enjoy the secret of success”

Sivananda Saraswati | Spiritual Hindu Teacher

When it comes to fulfilling your potential, there are no easy shortcuts. It is an unavoidable fact that true wellness can only be achieved through cultivating a harmonious relationship between the mind, body and soul.

Although this concept of attaining wellness may seem innovative, it is not a new idea. In fact, the philosophy that underpins the importance of the three ‘planes of humanity’ working in harmony is something that was advocated by the great ancient civilisations.

Despite its ancient origins, however, this time-honoured path to self-improvement is rarely practiced in our hectic modern age. At The Odissean Experience, we believe that everyone is born with the tools required to become the perfect versions of themselves, and that – with our help and support – every personal goal, no matter how ambitious, can be accomplished.

We know that every person we work with is unique, and understand there is no rigid, formulaic set of rules that can guarantee success on the road ahead. However, we nevertheless believe that our approach is comprised of universal learnings that can be adopted, processed and applied by all who share our determination.


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